It’s important to know the policies of the travel companies with whom you are affiliated. Marriott has a very generous one for its elites when it can’t honor a reservation, as outlined here: 

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But wait, you protest, you’re not an elite because you don’t stay at Marriott that much. No problem. Neither do I. I have an Amex card, which in my case does have an annual fee (which I expect to downgrade soon, since I am not finding it very valuable myself, for my needs, as I am not as much of a Marriott person), that comes with Silver Elite, just as the Chase Marriott basic card does, but Marriott also offers a no annual fee credit card, which also comes with Silver Elite status. It has less perks and bonus opportunities, but unless you already are exceeding the Chase 5/24 Rule, it’s a terrific way to ensure that you will never be without a reservation at a Marriott property if you book one. That sounds like a no brainer, but go back and read “a tale of two hotel chains” to see how easy it is to find yourself accidentally without room at the inn.