This is a guest post from my friend Dr. Theresa (Terri) Cullen, a fellow professor who also travels a lot. Dr. Terri, as you will see on her blog, is an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma, and a guru of all things ed tech. It’s almost time for a major education conference, which happens to be in Las Vegas this year, and Dr. Terri just returned from Vegas with her husband, so she had the privilege of reviewing myriad vegan and vegetarian restaurants with her husband. When I saw this post, I knew readers of The Doctor is Out would benefit from it, and she graciously gave me permission to run it as a guest post.It is reprinted here in its entirely, without any editing. The direct link to her blog is at the bottom.

Hello friends..

As we get ready for AECT, I know there are lot of Vegans and Vegetarians in the organization.  While not everyone loves Vegas my husband and I love how he can eat so many places as a vegetarian. Vegas is a great place for foodies, especially for vegetarians.  So here are some suggestions from our Vegas Travels. Most will require an Uber or Lyft but most are worth that. here are our suggestions.

Las Vegas Strip
we don’t love the strip – and don’t spend much time there.  We know that the Gordon Ramsey burger place has impossible burgers etc. but there are better places in town to eat in our opinion.

Buffet and many choices at one place.
Bill Wynn the former owner of Wynn Resorts was a vegan.  So every restaurant including their buffet has vegetarian and vegan offerings. They are particularly sensitive to it. When Brian and I ate at the Buffet last year, they had a staff member walk around with him and discuss ingredients and choices with him. All other restaurants at Wynn have vegan and vegetarian offers.

Downtown Vegas – Fremont Street 
Old Vegas as it is sometimes known, is a great spot for vegetarians and vegans. Because its a revitalizing neighborhood due to the Zappos being located there (btw.. you can tour Zappos)  there are many new and smaller restaurants that are vegetarian, vegan, or with extended menus. There are cheaper options down here too, and if you want to gamble places like the El Cortez has lower tables.


Vegenation is by far my favorite Vegan food anywhere. I try to go there every time I am in Vegas.  They are a few blocks from Fremont Street. My favorite is Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi. Servings are big, so you might want to plan to share plates.

Nacho Daddy
Nacho Daddy is a bar with great Mexican food. They have vegan options including cashew cheese. this is a great choice for someone who wants to drink or have food for all eating options.

Simply Pure
This is a very very small restaurant (I think like 4 or 6 seats) foud in  the downtown Container Mall. (Its a mall built by Zappos that is made of shipping containers). The food is really good and fresh. .but you probably would not love it with a large group. However there are other restaurants around.

Near the Airport

Modern Vegan

If you are just coming in town, you might take a stopover near the UNLV campus to go to the Modern Vegan. They are used to people showing up with luggage. The sizes are huge and they use a lot of fake meets (like morningstar etc.. ) but cook them in a way that I don’t think I can do at home.

China Town
Like many larger cities Las Vegas has a Chinese community but it also has two really great vegan options.

Veggie House
We have eaten here several times.  If I did not read the signs that said, don’t disrespect our restaurant by bringing in meat, I might not know they were Vegan.  We love the General Tso Chicken. We also tried a great pumpkin dish that reminded me the smooth flavor of moo goo gai pan.

Cafe No Fur
We have not eaten here yet but spotted it because it is in the same parking lot of Veggie House. Its menu looks interesting and we may try it during the AECT conference.

You will need a car, but might be worth it.. 

This is quote a way out of the city but if you are going to Mount Charleston or Ikea.  It is a relatively small restaurant but it has a really interesting selection of vegan tacos.  If you are are yelp user they have free drink if you check in.  We tried several different tacos they are small but really unique I enjoyed the mole one.

Want more options  – This site  offers a lot of ideas but we noticed it was a little outdated so verify they are still open before you pay for the uber.

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